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You snooze you lose
Why event data is all about timing

What is data potency? How can we make the most of data in the ‘now’ to make an event even better for sponsors and audiences? 

Watch this recorded panel session for expert industry perspectives.


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Chapter 1:
What is data potency?
How can it impact event outcomes?

Chapter 2:
How can real-time data help our
teams during the event?

Chapter 3:
What role does data play in shaping the audience experience?


Chapter 4:
How can partners and sponsors
benefit from real-time data?


The no-nonsense guide to Smart Events

Smart events offer a new way to create data-driven audience journeys that help your event become a content powerhouse.
Find out how to connect the dots between physical and virtual interactions, personalise your digital journeys and make a big impact on your sponsors, audiences and your ROI objectives.

Download your smart events playbook

Download the playbook to learn:

  • The top tactics for leveraging smart events to drive business growth
  • How to create data-driven audience journeys that delegates will love
  • How to work smarter, not harder to meet your 2023 business goals
  • Seven ways to get started with smart events
  • The pitfalls to avoid with new digital and hybrid channels

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Delivering a Smart Event experience for Informa

Working with Informa's Digital Delivery Team, we helped deliver a smart event experience at SuperReturn International, with a feature-rich event app and on-demand content.
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Developing a bespoke app for Disney Wishes

The Make-A-Wish team asked us to create an event app for their Disney Wish UK experience, a unique opportunity for children to meet their Disney heroes. 


How to get started with Smart Events

Here’s our advice on how to create a successful smart event strategy as well as some hints and tips for easy entry points.


Book a Smart Events clinic 

Book a clinic with one of our experts and we can advise you how to use data to maximise ROI from your audience journey, including a live platform demo.